Water Technology

Treatments for drinking water and water conditioning: filtration, disinfection with chlorine, ultraviolet, ozone, etc. Networks, expert reports, flow measurement, instrumentation, leak detection by correlation. Tele-management, decontamination, cleaning and maintenance of installations. Installation and supply. Supply of products for domestic water treatment, for swimming pools and measuring equipment. Studies on the use of water resources. Technical advice. Design, installation, maintenance of purification plants and of hydrocarbon and grease separators.

The Aquatermalcert certification is born in the country to enhance the quality of one of the most appreciated resources, thermal water. The increasing worry of consumers for security and quality in spas and wellness centers requires an evaluation on water quality management that the Aquatermalcert certification, specialized in thermal water, offers and guarantees to all resorts that have thermal water in its touristic offer.


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