Ecotècnic is a specialised environmental health and management company which offers a great range of services in the fields of engineering, soil, air, water, waste, food and energy.

Our challenge is to give comprehensive service, which can encompass design, training, conception, execution and exploitation custom-made, developing the entire service or what is best adapted to the customer’s needs.

To do this we adapt our human and material resources to each project to be developed, collaborating with our interest groups, if necessary, for each case, with the technology required.

We base ourselves on continuous improvement, not only as established in the UNE ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 standards to which we are committed, but we go much further in training and the application of the best techniques available and adapted to the market. In this sense, for continuous improvement, we base ourselves on strategic and sustainable development and an R&D unit which studies the environmental situation of our surroundings.

Our business model responds to the commitment of the whole of Ecotècnic to sustainable development and, therefore, sustainability challenges are our opportunities.

Ecotècnic is growing in a framework of sustainability in a changing environment, reinforcing our internationalisation strategy.

Francesc Zamora Puigcercós

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