Strategy, Innovation and Environment


The company’s strategic plan fits into a sustainable context.
The growing demand for natural resources calls for the evaluation of environmental impact and for quality certificates which guarantee good practices and continuous improvement in actions undertaken. The promotion of renewable energy and plans for the minimisation and management of waste. Our strategic objective is to supply comprehensive services in the field of project design and preparation, impact studies, environmental audits, installations and their maintenance, analysis, pest control, etc.


The continuous identification of opportunities to keep us ahead in the market and in technological innovation. With our Aquatermalcert seal we certify the quality of the thermal waters in all those establishments interested in guaranteeing better service to the customer


The objective is to reduce the environmental impact and extend this commitment to our interest groups. Collaboration agreements with groups of recognised professional and technical integrity in the field of environmental engineering and management, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audits.

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